Spambots Try To Sell Me The Darndest Things

(I have never lived in South Africa)

<< From: Johannesburg water Supply Chain <> Subject: Invitation to Bid >>

What DID happen was I once signed up on a website for a neighbourhood Time Back.

The Time Bank website was hosted by a South African located voluntary time banking organization.

I am now on a South African business services mailing list that keeps trying to sell me secretaries, gated communities, racism, etc, and now, apparently, the entire Johannesburg privatized water supply system.

In conclusion: Cloud!

@natecull In conclusion cloud? Like if they were running their operation on a Linux box in their closet this wouldn’t have happened? I don’t see how it has anything to do with the cloud.

@paco Yes, if the local time bank were running their operation on a Linux box in their closet in my city in New Zealand, I'm fairly confident this wouldn't have happened.

I mean South Africa wouldn't even have been in the loop, would it?

Let's stop the rush to put lots of things into our loops which have no business belonging in our loops.

@natecull I'm on some stupid south African spam list too and I'm using a domain.

Not like I'd suddenly go, hmm actually I would like to rent that place in downtown Johannesburg, thanks for the offer!

@smallsees hmm, so maybe it wasn't the South African timebank website that sold my email?

But I wonder why .za businesses would be interested in Australian and New Zealand addresses?

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