Unpopular opinion:

I don't miss CRTs and I'm glad we don't have them anymore

@natecull I can understand their appeal for retrogamers, but otherwise they are bulky and heavy and suffer from keystoning/pincushion distortion and all sorts of other problems./

Even Britain's cats have evolved to lie on top on powered VDSL street boxes (and sometimes cheap routers that run warm) now CRTs have mostly disappeared.. 😸


I went on a rampage over the last year or two and now own three big Apple CRTs and, yeah, I agree. Huge effort and low relative payoff compared to what you can get for close to nothing from almost any LCD, on anything that can adapt to VGA.

Most of the vintage computing platforms where it's in some way "important" to have a CRT had small-ish displays that are easier to store, at least.

@natecull agreed. the only use case i see in 2018 for them is for Extreme Devotion to the Aesthetic

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