When the Windows problem you are trying to diagnose in 2018 was reported back in 2011 and *crickets*

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<< Hello,

Welcome to Microsoft Community. I will certainly help on this issue. >>

Narrator voice: He didn't.

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It is nice that there is still mystery in the world, I guess.

Bigfoot and UFOs and Windows Shutdown Reason 0x800000ff.

Sometimes things just... happen. The universe is stranger than we can imagine.

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@natecull Since updating to 1809 I've lost access to the store, had two blue screens, lost all of my start menu icons three times, and had a remote Microsoft tech do a system restore for me (to no avail, for some reason Windows has been making daily restore points over the last few days).

I thought that 1809 was the release version, not the year of technological equivalence...

@natecull On the third third day of 1809 Microsoft gave to me:

- Three Start Menus munted
- Two Blue Screens of Death
and a System Restore for free

@natecull I'm not sure that I want to see what I'll have by then tenth day of 1809...

@natecull @pdcull

release 1956, where the screen becomes entirely composed of nixy tubes via Tech-No-Magic™️!

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