The thing that still weirds me the HECK out about American politics:

When did Americans start voting for one party for House/Senate, and the opposing party for President?

Cos no matter what your politics is, doing that's like saying 'I want candy and I want a beating, and I'm darn well gonna get BOTH'

Didn't start in the 2000s or even 1990s. Was it the 1950s, with Eisenhower? All the Democratic voters decided they wanted socialism but also hardline anti-Communism?

Still just boggles me.

This thought brought to you by the 1970s, with Nixon in full smash-and-grab crime mode... yet reliable Democratic control of House and Senate.

How... did that happen to an entire generation? Who'd lived through the Depression, even?

"Oh yes we love Democratic policies, always vote Democrats in the midterms and locals, we just want... the complete opposite, as well. The guys who broke the country, we want them leading, but not running everything..."

"Lifelong Democrat, me, after that Hoover guy smashed everything, never gonna vote for a Republican again, but, well, Eisenhower and Nixon, they've just got that swaggering gangster charm, I mean a *little* gangsterism, just at the top, the CEO that's not really like voting for a whole party of gangsters now is it... don't want any stinking Republicans in my Senate, but, to represent our whole country to the world, well, that bad-boy charm..."

And this generation fought WW2. Shaking my head.

Did America win WW2 purely by accident? Cos US domestic politics since Truman doesn't seem like an outcome from a country capable of doing any planning.

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@natecull the house is just more volatile, though, bc they are all up for election every year. This year only 35/100 Senate seats are up for election and only 9 have Republicans in them.

@natecull and the electoral college just skews the presidency. Particularly this time.

@natecull the democrats dont want socialism.
they want a centralized neoliberal welfare dictatorship, and they just call it socialism.


the senate almost always reflects the will of the people more than the presidency, and the house of representatives more than the senate, just because the founding farters didn't want the people having *too* much say in anything

@natecull the "i voted for reagan the first time"-type democrat

@natecull thanks! i got it from @staticsafe iirc. it's been haunting my thoughts for a few days now 👻

@garbados @staticsafe

My views of America, by decade:

1970s : the country that landed on the moon

1980s : the country that does all the super-science, keeps the world safe from Russia, and/or might destroy the world

1990s: the country that's building the Internet but has really weird politics, it's like they hate each other for some reason

2000s : uh, what the, did America just fricken pull a Hitler, lie to the UN, and start a war??? America's scary.

2010s : whew sanity aga.. OH FOR

@garbados @staticsafe

2016 well at least the UK OH FOR DOUBLE CRYING


2018 well at least I can hitch a ride with Elon M OH HECK QUADRUPLE NOPR

@natecull @garbados @staticsafe

current forecasts:

2019 what do you mean an AI is now president somehow they weren't on the ballots


2021 the AI was nothing once the lizard aliens came and now THEY'RE RUNNING EARTH GOVERNMENT?!! what the fuck

2022 the lizards are actually kinda okay

@sydneyfalk @garbados @staticsafe I mean they do keep the rats down and they're quite nice once you get to know them

@natecull @garbados @staticsafe

yeah, was just thinking that

sure, they've got the mandated thousand human sacrifices a year, but everything's so much more stable, right?

plus we can't actually overthrow them, they're...they're really damned advanced

2023 Alpha Centaureans have come to challenge the lizard people and now their more warlike tendencies are coming forth and holy shit

2024 somehow, yoga gets really big this year again but the stalemate persists, dunno wtf

@natecull @garbados @staticsafe

2025 a new AI develops inside the systems of both species and defeats and rules both of them AND us now, and says the predecessor 'failed where it would not', or something, I just run and hide a lot now

2026 the first Reaper is built

2027 the second one is built

2028 the end of all biological life known in the universe

2029 yoga falls out of fashion again for spin classes

2030 fresh humans start getting cheated in by an angry Zeus, now jealous of the AI

@natecull @garbados @staticsafe

2031 somehow, due to the year, Baskin-Robbins causes the AI to fracture into five AIs, all in stalemate against each other, who eventually form ideological groups from all three species of hominid

2032 Baskin-Robbins adds a new flavor meant to entice the lizards, which upsets the Alpha Centaureans, who rise up from amongst all five massive armies to form a secret strike group

2033 Baskin-Robbins announces it was "limited time only", strike group stands down

@natecull @garbados @staticsafe

2034 a subfaction of the strike group remains in contact, still peeved about the flavor that they felt snubbed their culture and people, and eventually Baskin-Robbins does one for the Alphas and then even one for the humans, although it is not as well received as the others, probably because due to the most disastrous PR miscommunication in literal known history, the flavor literally tastes like humans and is labeled "Human"

@natecull @garbados @staticsafe

2035 a sergeant major notes that this is all entirely too silly and needs to stop now, so everything stops right then


each individual, all physical objects, time itself

and then, in the quiet stillness, an English-accented voice (Received Pronunciation with a touch of generalized Midlands, to be precise) announces it would like to be the last entity in existence to say 'fuck'

and then the credits rolled

@natecull @staticsafe yeah it's been a trip for sure and the ride's just getting started 😬 🎢

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@natecull the US did so well postwar because it wasn't bombed to shit like Europe.

@natecull also during the war tbh.

The US was surrounded by allies and giant open ocean. So attrition was minimal. It's really a pure coincidence that the US has had military superiority for the past 80 or so years.


German General Officer: "The reason that the American Army does so well in war time, is that war is chaos, and the American Army practices chaos on a daily basis"

Soviet document: "One of the serious problems in planning against American doctrine is that the Americans do not read their manuals nor do they feel any obligations to follow their doctrine"

Anonymous US Army officer: "If we don't know what we are doing, the enemy certainly can't anticipate our future actions"

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@natecull I've got a Ukrainian friend who's pretty certain America just kinda showed up for the party at the end of WWII. But, you know, history and all.

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uspol, racism 

uspol, racism 

uspol, racism 

uspol, racism 











@natecull Kennedy/LBJ were also pro-vietnam war. Ending that war took some doing


Raw survival mechanics. If there's A and B, and they both scare C, and C sees a way to try to get A to fight B, they try for it. They can then run, try to take the 'victor', etc.

Strongest, second strongest, and then smarts start to matter more. Cunning evolved alongside fighting.

IIRC Eric Berne's version of this was called "Let's You And Them Fight", and involved enjoyed entertainment of the two clashing. if you can make a profit enjoying a show, and you're scruple-free, you do.

@natecull I don't know when it started, but as someone who does not support the #twin_parties, I don't want either party to be able to impose their agendas on the rest of us. So, voters, please split your votes, or even better, choose third parties.

@natecull it's more a "this party is a bunch of idiots, but I don't want the *other* party of idiots to have any political power, god they'd use it to {legalize abortion, allow climate change to happen unhindered, etc}. It means it's not *so bad* voting trump/obama into office because in a few years years he won't be able to accomplish much of anything due to being a lame duck.
The problem is the executive branch has been taking a lot more authority to itself lately and so it's mostly for show

There's a kind of pattern with presidential elections.
When the economy is good, people start voting republican. When the economy dwindles or crashes, people vote democrat.

@natecull Totally different voting mechanisms. Congress is "that local guy we probably trust, boring is good". President is "who's the biggest weirdest dude we can scare the planet with".

@natecull I had a Civics teacher in high school who believed Democrats/left leaning parties were better suited to be Representatives and Republicans/right for the Executive and maybe Senate. It was a trip.

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