huh, so that's where that cover image came from I guess

1. Paper by Alexander Barchenko, 1911, on telepathy, via

2. Front cover illustration by Chris Moore for William Gibson's Burning Chrome, 1988, Grafton via

Huh isn't the microwave spectrum roughly about where WiFi runs....

They're waiting for you, Gordon, in the tesssst chambbbber

You can kinda get a sense of where large chunks of Star Wars came from. The 1970s!

An Evil Empire with revolutionary yet bureaucratic ideals that does not officially believe in psi powers but is also using them.

Project managers who don't accept 'no' for an answer

Put both of these together and you get Raspu-Stalin in a robot space suit

I wonder if people volunteered to be the Biological Sensor (Human), or if they were volunteered by others

Obi-Wan: Vader was seduced by the false class consciousness of the petit-bourgeousie. He betrayed his dialectical materialist ideals and joined the social democratic capitalist-roaders and their primitive superstitions. When that happened, the good man who was your father died. But also he could crush people's windpipes with his brain, which improved productivity on Third Five Year Plan immensely. So it was hard to fire him.


He was a good windpipe-crusher.

I want to believe that The Bechtrev's Brain Institute was literally run by Bechtrev's Brain

I'd call my band Radioson but it'd have to only play mid-2000s American Idol hits


Grandfather: Little one, did you know that there was once a whole decade when American musicians forgot how to rock

Me : YES you've only told me a HUNDRED times sheesh I have nightmares EVERY NIGHT

Grandfather: I tell you this dark history only because I wish your generation to never make the same mistake

I don't actually have a band but if I did it wouldn't play American Idol hits because I'm not a monster. I mean, I'm not a bad person. Entity. Thing.

1990s Post-Soviet Russian Psychotronic Raygun Gothic: the industrial design school that looks exactly how you think it would look like

@natecull are you saying they've learned it since? The US seems to be absolutely obsessed with rap.

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