The proto-Internet warned us what it was going to do

They're on the table right where you left them! Why do you always have to make everything into such a drama

How was Andrew Lloyd Webber to know that the French would take a Paris opening of Phantom of the Opera so... personally?

We posted all our thoughts on 80s lifestyle to 'blags', on the 'interwob', as was the fashion of the day

Look, it's simple. You just wget the Python installer which grabs the package manager which spins up a Docker which launches an Amazon host which runs your Node.js which prepopulates the content distribution system which does a few quick github calls and

if you needed a 'user interface', you'd be over in web DESIGN

@natecull I remember playing this. There was some town being attacked by monsters every night. maybe they were after the keys? I never saw the keys though.

@natecull ooh, this one I played a ton. Was a bit hard without manual, but I think I sometimes air of won. That was really neat game.

@natecull My favorite Ultima is II, came with a cloth map, plot based on Time Bandits. So goddamned great. Humorless people weren't so happy with the modern era's jokes, but they can't be happy with anything.

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