You gotta love the chutzpah of chemists in the 1920s going 'hmm, we need a completely safe and non-toxic gas for fridges because ammonia is killing people... I know, how about mashing up those two greatest hits of chemical safety, Chlorine and Fluorine! Cos see, two super-poisons will fight each other and PROBABLY not release deadly toxic bone-eating hydrofluoric acid gas into your kitchen. Probably.'

and then much later: 'whoops, but they do eat the literal sky'

This Wikipedia page about him is really great


Thomas Midgley: Hey, I just invented tetraethyllead

Also Thomas Midgley: Hold my beer…

"Progress is good, and therefore anything new that isn't obviously dangerous is probably safe"

@natecull @puellavulnerata … and he died strangling himself in his own contraption to help him get out of bed due to polio ?!?

Not to mention the "I'm off to Florida 'cos I have to clear the lead from my lungs" bit…

@natecull Those lead poisonings may have been a contributing factor...

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