@neoncipher More animal pictures, maybe?

Seriously, I think there's maybe two separate problems:

1. Monetized social media that feeds on rapid and intense reactions, and deliberately amplifies 'hot' takes

2. The Internet is like a giant telepathy implant for the world and, turns out, almost everyone in our society is incredibly stressed out and angry and scared *all the time* but can't say it, and now for the first time we can see all that stress and anger and fear in real time.

@neoncipher The solution, if there is one, I think is people getting together to talk about things that honestly inspire them and let them self-organize visions from there.

But the 'honest' part is going to require people to be allowed to be angry at the things they're angry at, and the 'inspire' part needs to not be monetized and politicized and used as a weapon to get power over other groups.

I don't yet know how we get there and how we cool people off who are looking for easy scapegoats.

@natecull Angry and scared people are much easier to manipulate. I think the root cause for the situation is that people are constantly being deceived and manipulated. It goes way beyond social media. This is a giant rat race, where everybody competes against each other, tries to get profit from each other. What we should do is to learn how to work together to get profit for all of us at the same time, stop fighting each other.

@aboulie ha ben voilà, après 4h d’explications, une autre explication…

@DaD haha... je ne suis pas certaine de comprendre toute la subtilité ce dessin mais merci pour les 4h d'explications. C'était passionnant ! :-)

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