We could have had a DNS using @ instead of . which frankly would have made quite a bit more sense

"The Clearinghouse",
Derek C. Oppen and Yogen K. Dala, Xerox Office Products Division, 1981


On the other hand, lol

<< A User Name is a string of the form <firstname> <blanks> <middlename> <blanks> <lastname>@<domain>@<organization>.

<< We have chosen a three-level
naming hierarchy, consisting of
organizations, within them domains, and within them localnames. We did not choose the arbitrary level scheme because of the greater complexity of the software required to handle names, because we do not think that networks will be combined very often... >>

Microsoft Windows in 2019 still calls a user's configuration data their 'profile', decades after the term has had any meaning.

<<The clearinghouse is used to store the user's "profile." Associated with the user's name is the location of his local file server (so that he can store and retrieve files), his local mail server (so that he can receive mail), his local printer (so that he can print files), and so on. >>

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