Six episodes in and Legend of the Condor Heroes 2017 continues to impress me as the best TV version yet of probably *the* most famous Chinese martial arts epic ever.

If you like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, etc, then this is a great time to get on board the Jin Yong train.

Genghis Khan! The Jin-Song wars! Kung fu princesses! (multiple of) Kung fu witches! The forbidden NINE YIN BONE CLAW skill! A martial arts tournament! (of course) Romance! (multiple of) A big war!

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This has been latent on my to-watch for years. You have nudged it to the active queue.
@natecull No, wait, 2017? There's a 2017? Cool! Then probably the rest of the family will be interested too!
Oh, it's Dragon TV, in Mandarin. No, that killed it I'm afraid.
@natecull It absolutely does! I didn't expect that, thanks for finding it.

@clacke Yay!

My wife is a huge fan of the 1983 version and even she thinks this one is pretty good, so that's a high recommendation.

@natecull That does sound like something I would like. Is this the complete thing?

@taleslinger I think so! 52 episodes of 40 mins each with English fan-subs, so it will take a while.

The original novel has 40 chapters and there's a fan translation here:

@taleslinger yeah, I've not managed to finish reading one either, and neither has my wife

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