I talk a lot about Prolog but really what I want is just a language I can write an Infocom / SHRDLU style adventure game / text-based AI simulation in.

My problem is I have high expectations for a language because I want to do what seems to me to be very simple things:

* have the world obey rules, so all actions cause consequences

* rules that can be changed at runtime

* game AIs can read these rules and make plans

* save/ load the game state to/from disk

Turns out getting these is HARD.

@jankoekepan Theoretically any Turing-complete language can do anything, but, ...

@jankoekepan Lambdas will not save you, unfortunately.

Can you save your lambdas to disk?

The AI needs to be able to read the rules as *knowledge*, not run a function and have {unknown things happen} to the game state.

You need a format *for* the game state, because you're going to need a lot of it; the AIs may be imagining different game states as they plan.

All these things can be done, but they fall into designing a language, and possibly an emulator for that language, not just coding.


@jankoekepan Yes! That's exactly what I need.

The need to represent a DSL succinctly in the core grammar/syntax of the language, unfortunately, rules out a LOT of languages because their core syntax tends to get in the way of building succint DSLs.

Lisp is about the only thing left standing.

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