I talk a lot about Prolog but really what I want is just a language I can write an Infocom / SHRDLU style adventure game / text-based AI simulation in.

My problem is I have high expectations for a language because I want to do what seems to me to be very simple things:

* have the world obey rules, so all actions cause consequences

* rules that can be changed at runtime

* game AIs can read these rules and make plans

* save/ load the game state to/from disk

Turns out getting these is HARD.

@natecull you have an interesting set of requirements, and I cannot say I’ve heard of anything that really fits all of them, but if i were to build something, I would probably start with sqlite, provided that your “rules” are logic rules and not fuzzier physics rules

@natecull it’s not commonly taught with this style of usage in mind, but the original point of “relational databases” was to have something like prolog with a runtime modifiable set of facts.

@natecull a properly designed schema would give you the ability to have an AI dynamically generate a query, whose result is the consequence of a possible action. or a query that gives you a list of possible actions. and so on.


@zensaiyuki I like how you said 'schema' and 'AI' together in the same sentence like they will play well together.

As long as your database basically just stores integers, it should be able to store any query an AI comes up with.

@natecull why not? keep in mind, I am mot talking about how an sql database is commonly used. AI agents would have the capability of creating new tables and reading schema definitions to make dynamic decisions about them

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