SWI Prolog has possibly the most loudly passive-aggressive debugger I've ever seen

The rest of the REPL is just about as passive-aggressive, but not quite as loud.

no, I don't know why you can dynamically assert facts but not rules.

It kind of defeats the whole point of having a REPL at all.

This kind of silliness is why Prolog doesn't quite cut it for interactive exploratory programming.

@natecull did you catch a chance to try eve before it imploded?

@natecull wait it’s still up! nevermind. have you seen it/tried it?


@zensaiyuki I take it this is not the multiplayer space game?

@natecull it’s an witheve.com is a kind of mashup between prolog, hypercard, notebooks, markdown and jsfiddle

@zensaiyuki oh yeah that! There seems to be more on the web page than last time I looked, which is nice.

@zensaiyuki I guess it's sort of... something like a production system? 'If X, then Y' kind of rules (the opposite of Prolog's backward chaining)

There's probably no reason why this shouldn't be a reasonably general computation model, but I'm not quite seeing the details.

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