Unauthorised aftermarket modification of the Kabbalah



@zensaiyuki A very good question, and the answer is I don't have them, because I am *much* less interested in the pathways than I am in the sefirah themselves. Like, several orders of magnitude less.

I find the pathways very dubious frankly.

I know that historically, the pathways came first and 'are' the Kabbalah, but, they simply don't resonate intuitively for me nearly as much as the sefirah do.

That's why this is an 'unauthorised aftermarket mod'.

@zensaiyuki However:

what I do glean from what little I understand of the pathways is that the right-hand side is a little 'higher' than the left, in that energy flows from the 'top down, and right to left', but...

... yeah, the whole point of this variant is to de-emphasise a vertical flow and emphasise a flat circular flow, and the centrality of Tiferet. again, this may be very nonstandard.

I see two energy flows in the inner triads:

Che -> Gev -> Yes
Net -> Hod -> Dat

@zensaiyuki I can't tell you quite why I feel this (other than that there's a very strong tradition of the Seal of Solomon being two overlapping triangles, which I read as counterrotating, and it's roughly following the classical pathways idea of right to left), except that I find it interesting that the Martinist version of the Seal appears to show something similar.


All of this may well just be random neural firings, of course.

@zensaiyuki Like one of the things I find confusing about the classical Tree is that I think it's trying to square several competing circles

* the Star of David / Seal of Solomon / Anahata ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anahata_ ) hexagram, a triangle of Heaven, Triangle of Earth, heart center

* the Greek Tetractys, a set of 10 increasing pyramidally from the top

* a human figure

and it's doing an okay-ish job, but, these are fundamentally awkward concepts to try to unify in one 2D diagram.

@natecull the flow of energy is more important than the nodes themselves- its how the name of an angel or demon becomes the routing code for their location.
you are right that it doesn’t all fit on a 2D diagram. it’s harder to visualise but I am fairly certain traditional tree it’s a 4D subset of a 5D figure, projected crudely onto 2D

@natecull the trouble with it is in 2D it’s like an escher impossible figure. stuff doesn’t untangle until you get up to 5D

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