F12 is a heckuva drug, kids. A heckuva drug.

@natecull I actually subscribe and logging in is a pain (but at least it keeps me logged in for a few months)

@natecull This détournement is devastatingly clever. Do you know where it emanated from? Or was it birthed in the internet's mysterious guts?

Pretty sure it's just taking the piss out of the current trend. :blobnervous:

@alana it certainly did appear on my screen and in completely unrelated news, I love the F12 key

@natecull are they finally admitting that ads are a huge vector for malware?

@natecull I honestly can't even tell if this is a joke or not anymore 😭

@natecull Insanely manipulative. No one has the right to accuse people of paranoia for this. Whenever an individual gets hacked or something, the banks and insurance companies accuse the individual for not being careful. I remember that a policeman had visited my uni and said that basically. People aren't paranoid, at least not unjustifiably. This is just another contradiction of capitalism imo. Also the "just let us in" part sounds like something from the purge series lol.

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