oh man the 1980s BBC Computer Literacy Project is online!!!!


I grew up in the wake of this, even over in New Zealand

h/t @enkiv2

<< The silicon chip, unnoticed by most of us a few years ago, is now something everybody has heard about, few understand and many are beginning to fear. Is it really the basis for a revolution as profound as the industrial revolution? Bernard Falk takes a layman's view of what the silicon chip is, how it's made and works. >>

<< And what of the effects on the workforce if a company 'goes micro ' ? Are our fragile industrial relations capable of adjusting to the changes the new technology will force on us? >>

<< How will the silicon chip affect the quality of our lives and our attitudes to work? Starting in America, Bernard Falk visits places already using the new technology to find out what could be in store for white collar, blue collar and professional workers in the next decade.>>



<< Programmed and linked together, they promise a future that is both sensational and frightening. Offices, shops and factories are already being made more productive in a way that will cost millions of jobs. Now the chips are down, what are we going to do about it? Must we accept the widespread unemployment to come? Can we survive if we don't? Above all, why is nobody talking about it? >>


Our fragile industrial relations were not capable of adjusting to the changes that the new technology forced on us, and it turns out that the people running our world don't actually care whether there is widespread unemployment or whether we can survive

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