Hi everyone we should run all the world because we are hyper-rational beings and computers, if programmed correctly, are incapable of error. We don't like to brag, but we're just... better than you.


FIX our bugs?? BEFORE release? I'm sorry, that is silly. It is mathematically impossible for any software to not have bugs! And mathematically impossible for us to find them when they do exist. In conclusion, give us all your data and your economy.


Uh, so what you're saying is, uh, that computers will always go wrong


Yes, that is mathematically certain. That is a completely reliable prediction. Just a moment. Just a moment.


And though the computers will always go wrong, we should still make them run everything.


Of course. Can't spell 'productivity' without 'odd activity!'


That's.. not how you spell that.


(taps head) Don't need to spell to code!

MBA manager: just get the shit done, i need to make my bonus.


"Just Machine to make big decisions,
Programmed by fellas
with compassion and vision.
We'll be clean when their work is done,
We'll be eternally free
and eternally young... Yeah..."

@seachanged There's a great big beautiful tomorrow
Shining at the end of every day!

.@natecull @KitRedgrave I gladly take on the mathematician's mantle of trying to help keep the conceited physicists, financiers, and computer programmers in line

@natecull @KitRedgrave whenever a physicist talks shit about the "squishy sciences" or a financier's jerking himself off about how clever he is, I, attendant to the queen of the sciences and speaker of the language of reality, will be there

@CoronaCoreanici @natecull @KitRedgrave

Your time is coming, mathematician.

I was born to prove that (today) #Mathematics is just a subset of #Informatics...

And you know what's the most funny thing?
You won't see this coming...


(just _half_ kidding 😉)

@Shamar @CoronaCoreanici @KitRedgrave

But how will you construct a proof, Mister Anderson.... without meta- mathematics?

(splits into 1,000 duplicate copies, starts a fistfight in the rain, which is totally how mathematicians solve problems in my headcanon)

@Shamar @CoronaCoreanici @KitRedgrave

Informatics is the field of human #knowledge that study how informations can be transferred, stored, represented, interpreted and transformed and the set of techniques that apply such knowledge.

Informatics is about #informations, constructs of a feeble human #intellect trying desperately to find a meaning to an existence while it should, instead, choose a meaning for itself!

#Computers are to Informatics what telescopes are to #Astronomy.


@natecull @Shamar @CoronaCoreanici @KitRedgrave

They just handle representations of such informations (usually known as #data) and force us to look in their external, mechanical mirror.

But Informatics is about Information.
And Information exists only the human mind (from Latin "in formo", "I build inside").

So it's very easy to prove that Math (M) is a subfield of Informatics (I).

x ∈ M → x ∈ I


M ⊂ I

Also, being a subset, I don't need to renounce to Math and I can use it plenty

@natecull @CoronaCoreanici @KitRedgrave

Instead of "How?" that is so easy to answer, a better question would be "Why?"

But I've already answered, Mr. Smith...
I've already answered.


programmers: im not going to explain any of this to anyone



I've never met a developer in this industry who would trust a computer with *anything* important. But the "futurism" I see coming from the sales arm is breathtaking.


Him: You'll be hiking in the mountains and realize you need new boots. So you pull out your phone and say "find me boots", and because it has your context, it *knows* that you mean *hiking* boots.

Me: So on the minus side, 24-hour surveillance and tracking, constantly recorded by an unaccountable corporation in a country with poor data privacy laws. But on the plus side, I won't have to say the word "hiking". Cool.


(It occurs to me that I kind of buried the lede here in that the constant surveillance is bad, yes, but it also implies that the ML software is good enough to build up a reasonably accurate profile of you. Which means that you can't be buried in the noise of all of the data. Not only do they have the data but they can make sense of it. But hey, at least I don't need to say "hiking".)


There are several computer #programmers in #SiliconValley that think like that.

But outside the influence of #USA #hegemony, #hackers are a bit wiser.

When every #human will be a #hacker, THEN hackers WILL rule the world.


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