Rose Eveleth from Wired has noticed the worrying parallels between Italian Futurism and Silicon Valley culture.

<< Let’s first take a look at the words often used to describe the Italian Futurist movement: invention, modernity, speed, industry, disruption, brash, energetic, combative. Italian Futurists were obsessed with cars and airplanes; they emphasized youth over experience; they believed that the only way to live was by pushing forward and never looking back. >>

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<< This love of disruption and progress at all costs led Marinetti and his fellow artists to construct what some call a “a church of speed and violence.” They embraced fascism, pushed aside the idea of morality, and argued that innovation must never, for any reason, be hindered. Marinetti and his movement cheered, for example, when Italy invaded Northern Africa. >>

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@natecull NB, something has /changed/ at Wired within the past year or two.

I think the exorcism of Kevin Kelly has finally been competently execute.

@dl the parallels are interesting but I question the relevance. Authoritarian and nationalist impulses were abound in the early 1900s, and imprinted themselves on every facet of intellectual and political life worldwide. The United States revelled in eugenics, United States academics thought the burgeoning European fascist movements might be onto something, etc.

I think a key difference in Silicon Valley Futurism is an explicit rejection of nationalism, and in fact, the concept of the nation-state, a side effect of these companies often operating on the global stage and seeking to homogenize their operating environments.

The glorification of warfare? I'm uncertain. Even among people I know who work for military contractors, they usually view the tools they build as a necessary evil, don't revel in the deployment of their work, and are well aware of the moral gravity of it.

@natecull Yeah, sure, but if them Futurists are so smart, how come they ain’t rich?

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