Fascinating Twitter thread.

One week after the Mueller Report was released, the top video on it recommended by the Youtube algorithm was .... Russia Today's.

<< So YouTube's algorithm massively recommends Russia's take on the investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 election. >>

<< 3/ DIY: TheSoul publishing company, founded by Russians, produces more than 1500 YouTube videos per month and owns some of the major YouTube channels such as "5-Minute crafts", that are massively recommended (cf below). >>

<< So while 96.5% of American YouTubers can't break poverty line with their work, a handful of Russians mysteriously dominate large parts of YouTube >>

I imagine 'huge piles of right wing oligarch money poured into clickfarms' isn't actually THAT mysterious an explanation except that it's probably a trade secret to everyone who's not Google.

U.S. Politics 

U.S. Politics 

U.S. Politics 

@natecull when i search it's like all really mainstream stuff, like CBSN, MSNBC, Fox News, LastWeekTonight, CNN, PBS NewsHour, VICE, ABC, Trevor Noah, CBS News.

I trust none of these, quite frankly, often even less than RT. Sooner go to DemocracyNow or TheIntercept.

People like Rachel Maddow have hurt the case against Trump with their stupid obsession.

@natecull As terrible as this may seem, it's worth noting that the video was of Aaron Maté, who is a credible, independent journalist not employed by RT.

As much as I hate Trump, I also a, not eager to jump onto a train that:

a.) Promotes bigotry against people, (Russians).

b.) Allows Democrats to do phony opposition while giving Trump the largest military budget ever, for example.

c.) Inches us closer to WW III

d.) Promotes Mueller, MSNBC etc. who knowingly lied about Iraq as credible.


You make a number of points here and all I would like to say is:

Pointing out that a fascist regime (which is actively promoting and installing fascist groups worldwide) is fascist is not 'bigotry' by most interpretations of the word I understand.

You don't actually need to align yourself with a fascist regime and defend their honour. Really you don't. Nothing requires us to. It is entirely a personal choice to do so if you wish.

@natecull The problem is that when you say things like "Russia"/"Russians" meddle etc. you're implicitly waking up that old cold war mentality that Americans were programmed for, to see the Russians as some other, sinister force.

I don't need to have any affinity for the Russian government to know this, talknig to regular people is sufficient.

Just because point a.) is true, (Putin's a right winger), doesn't mean the people who seek to benefit the most from peddling Russiagate are better.

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