Apollo computer core rope memory is trending!!!

I hope nothing bad happened to it

Edit: The core rope control logic had Integrated Circuits, some of the first ever made!

"There wasn't much inside each IC, just six transistors and eight resistors."

That tracks with the IC that shipped with the Tandy Science Fair 150-in-1 kit (1976), obviously a few years later for the toy market but still Apollo-ish tech level.

@natecull it’s got a relay! i knew I wasn’t insane!

@zensaiyuki I was very lucky to have that to play with because my Dad travelled to the USA and brought it back.

So many cool adventures building crystal set AM radios and burglar alarms and electric shock machines

@natecull i had one from a thrift store. to this day I don’t quite get how electricty works

@zensaiyuki I can cope with 'wires are like water pipes' but transformers and radio coils are dark magic.

@natecull i prefer the bicycle chain analogy. energy is transferred from the peddle to the wheel at the “speed of light”. but instead of chain links, electrons.

@natecull it doesn’t help me though, trying to figure out how to connect a 5v circuit to a 3v corcuit without burning up my raspberry pi.
or figuring out why it apparently doesn’t matter which side of an LED you put a resistor.

@natecull as for radio coils, yes these seem to work by some kind of “back stage” interaction. the source code of the universe assigned electricity and magetism to the same global variable “electromagnetism”, so electromagnetic waves induce a small electrical current in a meta coil. the problem is “electromagnetic waves” aren’t “made” from anything. they just… are… a fundamental propety of reality.

@natecull in alchemy they thought it was made of the fifth element, ether, quintesence, soul gas. but no, that was proven not to exist.

@natecull though—- the way it was proven not to exist is rather interesting, i still am not totally satisfied with physics’s explanation. feynman’s answer to “how do magnets work” is “same way solids appear to collide with each other: they’re billions of tiny magnets resisting each other on a nano scale” and it’s like saying “they just so, get used to it idiot”

@dredmorbius @loke

Isn't it, though!

Rocket computer science.

The ultimate in retrocomputing.

@dredmorbius @loke

(reminds self to try to hunt down Hidden Figures next time I can)

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