So whatever strange wheels in my brain produce these things seem to work in twos.

"The Earth Forever Turning (for Apollo)"

This one isn't complex at all. I suppose the only maybe unusual thing is that it's mostly women singing about space hardware.

being a thematic counterpart, but otherwise completely unrelated, to

"The Clouds Run Parallel (Novas 4.X)"

which is a cyberpunk opera about Russian and American spies set maybe probably entirely inside a computer simulation (in which case the protagonists are almost certainly played by Jack and Susan in one of their digital incarnations somewhere around alt-1980... this all does makes sense, honest! if you want it to. but it's otherwise just a standalone little thing)


Oh! Aimee Mann was vocalist for 'Til Tuesday! 'Voices Carry'! I didn't know that. She very successfully reinvented herself from New Wave to '90s alternative'.

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