@woozle 's epistemic paradox strikes again.

Jeffrey Epstein Pitched a New Narrative. These Sites Published It.

> The article on Mr. Epstein published by National Review ... was credited to Christina Galbraith, who identified herself in her bio as a science writer...

> Ms. Galbraith was also a publicist for Mr. Epstein...


@dredmorbius @woozle

Ugh, Forbes.

Confirming that that site is just a pay-for-publicity mill, which is exactly what it's looked like for several years.

And as for Huffington Post, I'm surprised that anyone can even open it with the amount of malware ads that pop up all over.

@natecull Much as with 419 spam, the self-selection for limited discernment audiences is a feature.

Mass-market is by definition anti-highbrow.

@dredmorbius I wouldn't say I'm 'highbrow'! I just get literal nausea when I see Huffington Post.

or Boing Boing, frankly.

I don't know what Cory Doctorow thinks his brand is, but the ads on his site are... not very nice.

@natecull Trust me, you're multiple grades above median.

Look up Jean Piaget's models/levels of cognitive development.

@dredmorbius Thanks! I often feel like I'm in fact subnormal, because I don't really understand what makes societies tick, or how to work the levers to get things I want.

I've made a lot of mistakes in life out of assuming that the world operates 'the way it should' rather than the way it in fact does.

@dredmorbius like one of the things I *want* is 'to not live in constant existential dread and guilt that I'm part of the system that's literally destroying a planetary ecosphere'

another, opposite, one is 'not to feel like I'm letting my family and friends down by not getting them things that would make their life better even if it means helping destroy the earth to get them'

but there's no lever I can pull to get either of those delivered to my cage. Just the constant random electric shocks.


@dredmorbius when I look back at the end of a long, comfortable, life, it will no doubt be with deep satisfaction that I point to a tiny square on the Death Star hull and say 'That. I helped mop that. It is very shiny, thanks to me.'

@natecull Incidentally, I suspect these are related issues.

You're an abstract, symbolic thinker. You tend to take messages (or social models) at face value (and I suspect most people do). But you're also aware enough to see the inherent misfit of message and model to reality -- cognitive dissonance -- and so that bothers you.

You get sucked into the cultural mythos (like most of us) but see the conflict as well, and you're somewhere between troubled and stuck.



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