What are technologies / embellishmetns which seem like they'd be cool or appeared popular at the time, but just died?

3DTV and talking appliances/cars come to mind.

I'm aiming for features which seem to go one step too far.

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@dredmorbius videophones, but, eventually they happened


Supersonic commercial air travel

The city/building/room spatial metaphor of 1990s desktop and Web information architecture

Blink tags and marquees (but they came back, worse, as autoplaying video)

@natecull @dredmorbius ooh! space age futurist anachronisms!
dehydrated meal replacements! manned space travel! travelators and escalators to everywhere! newspapers replaced with holographic tapes delivered to your door daily! smellovieion! robotic maids.
okay this is just the jetsons now.


@zensaiyuki @dredmorbius

man, imagine Game of Thrones in Smellovision

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