Oh man nuclear proliferation Twitter sucked me back in.

But seriously, NATO called this missile 'SKYFALL'?

And then Trump apparently tweeted that the US has one of these too, which..... surprised everyone who thought that XK-PLUTO only got built and deployed in A Colder War.

Fun times!

let the sky fall
up the Eiffel
get an eyefull
eating trifle

Very nice preposition placement here. 10/10

<< The reference to a “liquid propellant” could mean that they’re launching it up to ramjet speed off a liquid-fuelled booster (because why not strap your experimental nuclear ramjet cruise missile on top of a couple of big tanks of, ooh, nitrogen tetroxide and unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine WHAT COULD GO WRONG?) and the booster blew, as liquid boosters tend to, up. >>

@natecull Up is what some strict grammarians would blow if they saw that.

@mansr @natecull Not so much "strict" as "misguided", or in some cases, "deranged". :)

@ansugeisler @mansr

The grammarian experienced a guidance malfunction and was destroyed by range safety.

@natecull if you follow the Wikipedia links you'll see they also have some great infinite range torpedoes under development. I mean if you are going to nuke someone you aren't really worried about a bit of nuclear contamination on the way are you? ( Carbon offsets for your cobalt bomb anyone?)

@abeorch Technically, nuclear winter is a very effective solution to global warming!

@natecull umm so was the unibomber's approach to technology induced anxiety but you don't see me voting for that either ...

@natecull Shit I really need a job. Anyone looking for some #businessanalysis anyone, anyone?

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