If you disable zoom on a web page, I will get *physically ill* when I try to zoom gesture on mobile and it doesn't. It literally induces nausea.

It's something about my proprioception system... I tend to extend my physical sense of body beyond my fingertips, into the thing I'm controlling.

And that experience is very unhappy on the modern Web, where things lag for seconds (sending keystrokes to another continent), deny zooming, etc.

(h/t @baldur )

@natecull @baldur You know what I think?

It shouldn't be possible for pages to disable zoom, and pages should only handle extremely high-level events in order to assure that. I'm thinking scroll, enter text, activate, etc.


@alcinnz @baldur

Very much with you, yes.

I'm one of the silly middle-aged Extremely Online people who have a small cheap smartphone and constantly want to enlarge the text, sometimes even to copy-paste from it.

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