<< The average person tends to have either less than eight tabs open, or to add tabs without organization until declaring “tab bankruptcy” and starting fresh. >>

yeah, I'm the... second one

(checks browser; it reports 'new mathematical research needed in order to determine if your number of open tabs is even theoretically countably infinite')


"This looks great!" I say.

"A promising line of UI development" I say.

I check out the project page....

tumbleweeds, ruins, pools of toxic waste...

what. happened. here.




<< 23/01/2018>>

<<tl;dr: we are planning to retire BrowserHTML, remove the mozbrowser
code from Servo, and greatly improve the usability of the Glutin port. >>

okay then

so all this just.... -zwoooped- into a little dot like Pac-Man encountering a ghost of a failed project

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