<< The average person tends to have either less than eight tabs open, or to add tabs without organization until declaring “tab bankruptcy” and starting fresh. >>

yeah, I'm the... second one

(checks browser; it reports 'new mathematical research needed in order to determine if your number of open tabs is even theoretically countably infinite')


@natecull i obstinately refuse to ever close tabs even while my computer struggles and furiously diskswaps.
freeing up space memory and cpu time sounds like the garbage collector’s job. why is my computer making me do its job?

@zensaiyuki exactly how I feel, yeah.

I end up restarting Firefox instead of closing tabs

because I *might* need one one day

@zensaiyuki Actually, it's far worse than that.

The act of clicking on a tab to close it means i'm likely to read the page again, and then I'm likely to click more links. Into new tabs, of course.

@natecull i sorta want a browser with a different UI paradigm where pages exist in a kind of zoomable space, history stacks are visualised as skeuomorphic stacks of paper, and “new tab” just makes a new stack. a heuristic dumps old stacks to disk so they don’t consume memory or cpu, but if you go back they can rehydrate, and ideally not in a way that is effectively reloading the page, though that might be unavoidable.

@dredmorbius @natecull that surely is interesting but i don’t see the connection

@zensaiyuki @dredmorbius

It's kind of relevant, at least to my interests.

My 'webscape' is my set of open tabs, but only because that's all today's browsers give me. What I *really* want is yeah, massive and pervasive caching. Everything I've ever browsed, I want it downloaded and not to hit the Internet again unless it absolutely needs to. And then I want to search that stuff locally.

Today's browsers assume 'stuff lives primarily in the cloud/web,' but I want the reverse of that.


@zensaiyuki @dredmorbius

Ideally, what I want is not even a 'browser'. Not tabs. I want those to be first-class windows, in a first-class filesystem.

With some way of 'browsing' them locally, but more like a filesystem browser than a web browser.

All my browsed web pages are *resources* I've found, not just random things I've flittered past. I want to keep them. I want them saved with their access trail (how I found them, for provenance data).

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@natecull @dredmorbius it’s not the same thing, and I’ve mentioend it before, but pinboard.in is an okay stopgap. if you pay the premium account it can archive your links. if you have the plugin it has an option to save all your tabs. i have occasionally used that as a sorta lossless way to declare tab bankruptcy. i have never gone back, but it serves my packrattish psychology, not wanting to lose anything.

@natecull @dredmorbius yeah. well the guy even bought del.ico.us so people could still go back and import their stuff without being at the mercy of silicon valley acquisitions. that’s dedication to data permanence!

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