It's kind of funny that the things I fear about the shiny surveillance-capitalism future of 2019 are exactly the same things I feared about World Communism in the 1980s

an elite culture of managers trying to impose their theory of human nature on the world by monopolising all the resources, infrastructure and means of communication, and enforcing it by spying on everyone all the time

does this mean that capitalists are communists

@natecull there’s an extinct brand of capitalist who is pro-regulation and pro-competition. reports vary on whether they ever existed at all or are just a fairy tale to spook libertarian kids.


It means that power corrupts, no matter your economic model.

@natecull I think that means they are both the same thing cloaked in whatever name they like

@natecull it means authoritarianism, corruption and people who seek to exploit others are the actual issue, and a universal problem. in a communist system, all the capitalist tycoons currently wreaking havoc would simply switch to government jobs because that's where the power would lie.

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