Oh, that's "nice". Steve Bannon is now heading up the Committee for the Present Danger (fourth iteration), this time attacking China. And he's getting airplay on Chinese media.

This can probably only lead to good outcomes for everybody.

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So basically the probability that Bannon is behind the current ruckus in Hong Kong is about 100%.

I wish US progressives would notice this.

@natecull yeah, Bannon but mainly a top US priority to tangle w/ CN and delay their rise as top rank global power. Whole Umbrella (color) rev was Op from beginning. Taiwan , fonop, Huawei,...

@GooseThird That's what worries me. The Hong Kong sanctions law sliding through committees right now seems to have broad bipartisan backing. So both Democrats and Republicans are all in on starting a straight-up war with China.

Aaaaaand there's Steve Bannon right there in the middle of it. And all the old War on Terror neocons around him.

I wish mainstream US Democrats would... stop taking their ideas from the hardest of the ultra-right Republican fringe? And then pretending they're different?

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