I remember back in 1998 when the Free / Libre / Open Source Software movement took over Silicon Valley and everyone switched to Linux so that precisely this kind of nonsense couldn't happen

Freedom 0: the right to run software anywhere and anytime you choose regardless of your political affiliation

Good thing we didn't go the 'subscription software' route, isn't it



In other news, isn't it exciting that all the information in the entire non-Chinese world is now at the mercy of American Cloud companies who can snap their fingers and make your entire country's economy just stop, anytime an angry blustering oligarch writes a memo.

This is a power that will certainly never be abused by any other angry blustering American oligarchs than the current one in that seat! And will always be used for the good of the world - as it always has been.

@Hyolobrika China is not better, no. China is much worse. Weibo, Baidu and Alibaba are their Facebook, Google and Amazon, only with an explicitly non-democratic government wired into the mix.

But all the packets that aren't Chinese basically go via the USA, so there's effectively two Clouds.

Maybe three, if Russia is doing its own thing. UK is just a wholly owned subsidiary of the USA; I think Europe is very similar, though that may change should the Germans get angry enough.

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