Facebook gets US $40 million slap on the wrist for falsified video metrics that gutted the entire news industry


Though quite frankly, any 'news' organization that decided to just take Facebook at their word rather than investigating 'is this story true'.... kinda bought exactly what they got?

I think there's also a big warning flag here for everyone who's been hyping up 'data' and 'metrics' for the last decade.

It's one thing to 'follow the counterintuitive data' versus your common sense and intuition.

It's another thing when 'the data' is proprietary to a giant company and they might possibly just have made it all up.

It turns out, data *can* lie.

And once again, anyone who's paid any attention to, oh, any of the 20th century should NOT have been surprised by this. Sigh.


I mean did autoplaying Facebook-native video pass ANYBODY'S personal gut check? Did anyone making autoplaying video go 'hey this is something I enjoy and want to be part of and I am sure many other people feel similarly'?

But oh no, we can't trust our intuition and personal feelings these days, much better to trust DATA!!! and METRICS!!! put out by people who are rich and therefore must have our best interests at heart.

And also, 'give us your email' popups on every web page ever, I'm looking at YOU.

Who the heck do you think you're targeting with those? Who? Who?

@natecull Irony: the site on which that article was posted is itself full of autoplaying videos.

...and continuous-scrolls through to another article. If it hadn't done that, I probably would have filed the link on Issuepedia, but I think I'll wait for a more tolerable source.

@woozle oh UGH continuous scrolls I hate those too!

"I came to your site to read exactly this article, quit shoving others in front of my face instead!"


@woozle "After all, you can't spell 'Engagement' without 'Enragement' and 'Grrrr'"

@natecull If they want my engagement, they should consider buying me something expensive and pledging their undying loyalty. (Isn't that how it's usually done?)

@natecull I honestly don't mind "recommended articles" in the sidebar (as long as they're recommended for actual relevance and not recommended because they paid money to be recommended), but... yeah.

Article-reading should be OPT-IN, and also one article per URL please (dagnabbit).

@natecull I had a disagreement on here in my first couple weeks with somebody who was like "no, hiding the login form and making registration forms super obvious even tho each account only registers one (1) time is clearly better because Metrics Say" and I was at a loss from there because what do you even say to somebody who's down with dark patterns because Metrics Say

@deutrino Presumably there are specific *people* who are telling other people What The Metrics Say? Some kind of Internet shadow government made out of scuzzy 'boost your revenue' seminars instead of diet pills?

@natecull Yeah - whoever it was was convinced that the Metrics Said that hiding the login form in favor of the registration form was good UX, so I'm guessing there's plenty of "wisdom" on the topic out there

@deutrino @natecull If the point of the UX is to prioritize growth over existing users, it makes total sense. And is not sustainable.

@deutrino @natecull 🎼 Galaxy brain idea: merge login and registration to the same form and then either log the user in or offer to create an account when they submit 🦄

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