Unpopular green opinion:

CO2 Neutrality is the same economically as Peak Oil. It means voluntarily putting your country through the 1970s oil price shocks, again, only much stronger, and permanently.

For those of you who don't remember the 1970s... well, that brief price scare led to the Carter Doctrine which led to (points at the Middle East) what's currently on fire there.

We can't lower CO2 emissions with cheap oil.

CO2 neutrality is worth it. But getting there will not be a fun ride.


New Zealand's experience with Carbon Neutrality so far has been getting involved in a Carbon Credits trading scheme (good) that America wasn't interested in joining (bad) and then discovering that all the credits we were trading to Russia to supposedly plant trees were, well. It was Russia.

I don't feel bad though that our current government is apparently spending money to plant a whole lot of trees. That's at least something positive that can be done.

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