Does anyone know if Scuttlebutt has solved the 'you must keep your entire timeline on your machine forever even if you absolutely need to delete some posts for legal or psychological or just plain not republishing incorrect data reasons' problem?

cause that's kind of a big problem that needs to be solved before people start using SSB as base-level plumbing and building entire cityscapes on it.

I don't mind old posts being fetchable from archives but I DO mind being forced to personally host a post I've deleted.

> Installs SSB on phone
> This is fine. 🐶🔥🏚️

@bhaugen Neat! If there's been a fix for that, I would love to start playing with SSB again.

"in the distant Scuttlebutt future, message content will no longer be embedded in the sigchain (linked list of signed messages) and instead be referenced by hash, much like blobs are now. this would allow for deleting specific content without breaking your sigchain."

In other words, if I understand correctly, there is no easy fix. It will require some extensive redesign. I'm learning a bit more, but that seems to answer your immediate question.
Rabble in this SSB message %xJFk7PkCA9PfMV1BnKm+gxBvuOCJpnyec1t1+BVn1IQ=.sha256 says

"This future doesn’t have to be distant!...These things work or are very close to working in #planetary and in the open source go implementation of scuttlebutt. To get it working across the larger ecosystem there is a bunch of work. We’d love help and engagement in this process."
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