huh this might be fun

<< Apparently a non-trivial number of systems are experiencing bugs. A common Y2K "fix" just postponed things by 20 years, interpreting 00-19 as the 2000s and 20-99 as the 1900s. 20 years is now up, some of those systems are still in use, and they think it's 1920. Oooops. >>


<< "The software in the model of Parkeon meter used in New York City had established an end date of January 1, 2020 – and had never been updated by the company. Cities worldwide using the same meters/software began seeing a series of cascading credit card rejections, starting in Australia, as the calendar reached that date." >>

@natecull 18 more years till we find out who is running unix systems not patched for the 2038 bug. :)

@natecull Now where do I remember the name Jef Poskanzer from... Usenet?

@natecull Oh, hey, there's a (short) Wikipedia page...

So yes, Usenet. And ACME Labs software (used to run thttpd, where appropriate)...

@natecull I'll admit I used a similar workaround in a bit of Y2Kish software once, but my fix expires is 2196. I wrote a lengthy apology and a description of how best to address the issue at that time, should my patch survive. I believe my instructions may have involved summoning K'thulhu.

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