Oracle Data Cloud sets a new low for ad network GDPR "opt-out from cookie tracking" pages:

You have to enter your full name and physical address details in order to "opt out".

Yeah, nah, bro.

@noiob What can "the law" do to the company who runs the databases that the law uses, and who can shut them off with a click of a switch?

Prosecute Oracle and go back to manual typewriters?

@natecull I don't think Oracle wants to go to war with some European country over this

@noiob Going to war does involve a bothersome amount of paperwork. I suspect that's why the fine print on that page seems to suggest that it's only users in the United States for which they hold data anyway.

But I would like to see a country try to fight an air war against Boeing, or a cyberwar against Oracle. How do you fight the sole-source provider of your military's equipment? Admittedly they'd be very slow to react, cos it's Oracle, but eventually, you'd get even worse customer service.

@natecull the heck are you talking about, Boeing isn't building the only planes in the world

@noiob Well sure, you could go to the Russians, I suppose.

@noiob I guess there's also Lockheed Martin. So America still has two plane companies, until those two merge.

@natecull are you being serious right now? my "going to war" toot was a joke, fyi


I'm being deadly serious.

I see a heavy and unthinking reliance on US information technology as a *massive* strategic vulnerability to democratic governance and basically the continuing existence as independent countries across Europe and the Anglosphere.

Particularly Cloud technology, which can be turned off much faster than oldschool downloadable run-on-your-own-server technology.

@natecull @noiob as an employee of a subsidiary of boeing: i would be surprised if they didn't have contingency plans for if parts of their IT infrastructure stopped being supported for whatever reason

@typhlosion @natecull yeah, especially the military definitely has plans to operate independently from anyone but themselves

@natecull @noiob anyway this is silly because if oracle wanted to be hostile to a government they would have to be way more clever about it than antagonizing plane manufacturers. at worst it would just hamper the manufacturers' ability to make new planes but almost certainly do nothing to the ones that are already in hangars

@typhlosion @noiob

I know in the old days there used to be strict 'there must be at least two companies making each component' rules all across the US defense system.

These days, in the era of 'just make everything in China' and 'just get cheap Indian programmers to write the critical flight software', I dunno anymore.

I'd *hope* the old rules still apply and someone in the Pentagon is sweating about double-sourcing and chip fabs and stuff.

@natecull shrug

i deliberately try to avoid military projects

@natecull @noiob i was gonna say airbus but they're european so you got me there

@typhlosion @natecull yeah there's a bunch

and it's not like boeing have a kill switch in their aircrafts, just put some fuel in and you'll probably get it in the air

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