A big problem with modern Star Trek in my opinion is that it was born as Forbidden Planet but now everyone thinks it has to be Wrath of Khan.

"What if all our weapons were useless against the monsters which lurk in the human heart" vs "but what if just all our weapons".

ME, pitching a new Star Trek show:

What if, the Borg and the Klingons...


...what if the Borg and the Klingons what?


No, that's it, that's the pitch. Just, what if, the Borg and the Klingons


You're hired.


I know I'll call them the Bring-it-ons


You're hired twice. Three times if you can make the entire universe explode.

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@natecull i think a lot of it is 'what if all the aliens i remember as a kid and they fight each other but it's grimdark so we know it's for grownups?'

@natecull A lot of this has gotten far worse with contemporary Trek but dates back to the TNG movies and Voyager. DS9 ironically by the end of it depicted a *war* and yet was still more concerned with abstract, sci-fi ideas than its action-oriented Trek contemporaries.

@dredmorbius In a world gone mad, a forbidden planet born from a forbidden love of forbidden science. Or the other way around.

basically don't land here is what I'm saying

In my head canon, instead of Star Trek there was a TV show FP spinoff called Forbidden Galaxy in which the space fleet explore other lost Krell installations. Every weakly godlike alien? A Krell, or a Krell computer.

I don't know that it would *help* Trek, but it would make the universe a bit more consistent.

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