I'm now at the point where, if I see a link to an article on Medium, I go 'mmm, yeah, maybe not'. Even if the summary makes it look like an otherwise interesting article.

It's because of Medium's aggressive paywalling; I'm now locked out from reading Medium articles. Also, I now realise that the point of using Medium is just to make money, so it's a clickbait flag.

Just in case anyone is thinking that using Medium makes your article more likely to be read. For me, it does the exact opposite.

Obviously, if you *don't* care primarily about getting widespread visibility and buy-in to your message, but you're a commercial operation and you primarily just want money for clicks, then sure, Medium is probably exactly the right place for you to be.

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@natecull same here! And they've completely removed discovery from their main page unless you're logged in. So the only benefit of centrallizing blogs there is lost.

@mdhughes It's been an interesting experiment! I'm sure the founders of Medium did not expect this to happen or understand that it would, to the point that they expected or understood anything.

@natecull pretty much same here. Lately I find the best content is from individuals who carefully craft their own blogs on their own sites.


And it's not like doesn't exist! You don't even have to self-host! It's dead simple and free to set one up!

@natecull @teleclimber Your saying all this makes me very glad because I no longer feel like a lone voice crying in the wilderness.

@natecull I have avoided Medium for a long time. Most of the posts there are pure trash, and the few that are not are so superficial as to be nothing but a waste of time to read.

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