One of the most terrifying thoughts to me, right now, is that after 70 or so years of computing, the very best the entire human race can achieve in videoconferencing is, apparently, Zoom.

This thought sponsored by Microsoft Teams, the elite business-ready enterprise videoconferencing app where if you leave a call (perhaps to apply a Microsoft patch), you can't get back in.


The Vulcans were right. We are a barbaric species who should not be given warp travel.

At least not until we work out how to get videoconferencing working. Or all the other species will just laugh at us when we say "onscreen!" and it comes out upside down.

@natecull meetings getting zoombombed by tribbles is exactly what we deserve tbh


omg if there aren't already a dozen paranoprmal romance novels on Amazon titled Zoombombed By Tribbles On My Own Bridge, what are we even doing as a culture

@carcinopithecus @natecull I'm imaging the Medusan ambassador in a mind meld with Spock saying, "I'm actually not ugly, I'm just inverted!"

@natecull Communications technology, and UX in general are the most fantastical elements of Star Trek.

I'm sure one day we'll master space travel, and perhaps Warp Drive if physics allows, but I just don't believe how easy their user-interfaces are.

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