I'm starting to think that Star Trek TNG's genius (when they figured it out) was to play it exactly like every character was in their own show.

Riker and Troi are two separate 80s soap operas, or possibly two separate subplots in one 80s soap opera. Picard thinks he's in a military procedural, dammit, and there will be ORDER. Data is a one-android standup comedy show. Wesley is WESLEY CRUSHER, TEEN GENIUS while Beverley is a medical drama. Worf is half of a buddy-cop comedy.

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This thought brought to you by S3 "The Price" and "The Vengeance Factor" which are definitely Riker and Troi (yet not Riker/Troi) soap operas.

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@natecull That's actually a brilliant idea. Make a cast of genre expats, and you can make a crapload of genre mashup and fish out of water plots.

@natecull the other half was tragically killed by a sentient tarpit


So one time due to a USENET recommendation,, I read a TNG tie-in novel (the one about Unfrozen Capitalist turning out to be really helpful to the Federation because he's the only one who *really* understands how the Ferengi operate.)

It was an okay novel but what I found really curious was that *every major character* had to get some amount of words dedicated to them, regardless of whether it served the story or not. I can only assume that this was their ongoing subplots from different books.

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