It is amazing, and also depressing, watching national- and global-level strategic health/science/politics communication being done over Twitter, a platform expressly designed to make communication hard.

People resorting to Tweeting screenshots of Tweetstorm essay screenshots, because they need to discuss and fact-check complex logical arguments line by line, and Twitter just didn't think that was an important use-case and actively wanted to disincentivise it.

That makes my programmer soul sad.

Dear any platform designer:

If you ever find yourself saying "but nobody would ever need/want to use my platform to do X"...

Just close your lips at that point. Your future trial in the court of public opinion will go better if there's no record of your self-incriminating statements

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"Lol but this is a social media platform for entertainment, not a work tool for journali.. oh"

"Lol this is a chat room and essential business tool for working journalists, not a United Nations deba.. oh"

"Lol this is a campaign app for the President of the United States to joke around with North Korea, not for healthcare experts to coordinate a global pandem.. oh"


"Lol you could have avoided the biochip if you'd flown with Elon to Mars lol"

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@natecull it seems to me that it attracts users because it

1 allows everybody in the world to see what you've written almost immediately.
2 crowdsources the sorting of messages by popularity
3 has an audience built in

The problem is that for point 3 to work they had to optimize it to keep people addicted, and that prevents building tools for more thoughtful content.

the question on my mind is why hasn't something else come along to do those things in a better, more rigorous way.

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