America once led the world to stamp out polo, but today this once-proud nation is struggling even to manage the symptoms of football.

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"There is no conclusive evidence that athletes smashing their heads together for years causes brain damage."

- The NFL, probably


This joke was brought to you by me reading about several 1930s famous people, one of whom being General George Patton and the other Flash Gordon, whose background was "polo player".

Even by 1979 they had to make Flash Gordon a football player because seriously, what in the heck ever was polo. But apparently it was a Really Big Deal before WW2!

@natecull @dredmorbius I was surprised to learn that Churchill was apparently an excellent rider and a fanatic polo player who continued playing even when he had wrecked his arm. I only know him from those WW2 pictures where that seems unbelievable.

@natecull once we eradicate pollo, maybe we can focus on preventing the spread of the carnevirus.

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