It's nice that whenever I reload a Twitter URL on my mobile now I get the helpful message : "Something went wrong".

Like the health warning on the side of a pack of cigarettes.

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@natecull i had that for weeks on my desktop browser, i figured it was some cached dns or tls setting screwing it up

@valerauko @natecull I get that all the time, I assumed it was content-blocker-blocking

@Tanuki @natecull i think content blocking would tell you it's content blocking not just some mystery error

@valerauko @Tanuki

Also I only get this error on mobiles (using the web browser, I don't use apps) so it's not content blocking.

I assume it's some kind of cookie-timeout thing, ie if I go to a saved URL without forcibly reloading the page.

@natecull @valerauko i got it yesterday, hit refresh, same deal, then hit “reload without content blockers” and it loaded. Could be coincidence or it could be my filters specifically.

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