USPOL, Amazon 

Parler getting kicked off not just an app store, but AWS itself.

So that's an interesting thing.

USPOL, Amazon 

It's probably a really bad app, but

It does mean this Josh Marshall post is now EXTREMELY dated

<< for those getting bent out of shape over this. remember anyone can still bring it up on a browser. >>

as indeed he now notes:

<< this is an infinitely bigger deal than apple or google. Those just mean you have to use the browser as opposed to the app. This means Parler is off the web altogether.>>


USPOL, Amazon 

I sense a sudden revival of Clinton-era Cypherpunk enthusiasm and a new condemnation of private digital oligarchies about to rise on the tech right.

Just like how Democrats suddenly become, briefly, anti-war when there's a Republican in power, Republicans only suddenly notice the existence and danger of commercial monopolies when they get yeeted out of the private, centralised parts of the Internet. Likewise Democrats when that happens to them.

It's a glorious circle of life.

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