Oh hi, I fixed your website.

You're *very* welcome.

@natecull there's plugins out there for disarming these, btw

@deviant I think uBlock has this functionality built in.

media description 

@natecull [An edited pop up banner on a website]
Thank you for visiting. We've detected the use of a content blocker. [In a different font] You are an awesome human being and a hero to the entire internet. Please continue protecting yourself and all those you love from gross, manipulative web ads and by no means ever pay attention to nasty begging popup screens like this one. Keep wearing your ad blocker at all times like a responsible person should.

@natecull Urgs, comic sans.. it takes credit out of even this message.

@natecull I clicked it to get the full view of the image. When I was trying to close it, I kept clicking the x on the window in the popup rather than the actual x. My brain is very smooth.


I feel like this is a very evil thing that I should do more of on purpose, just to annoy people.

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