The core objects in a Forth machine:

* data stack (lit, drop, dup, swap)
* return stack (call, jump, ccall, cjump, return, push, pop, halt)
* integers (+, -, *, /mod, and, or, xor, not,shift,eq)
* memory (fetch, store)
* io (out)

It's mostly memory that I want to gate away (maybe push/pop too). That seems to require the concepts of 'current object' and 'owner of object' which seems to require something like 'class function'.

But I want objects to be much simpler than they normally are.

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Mostly because I am very, very dumb and it is very hard for me to hold complicated ideas in my very small head.

The smaller the idea the less it makes my head hurt, generally.

insert gif of Keanu Reeves as Johnny Wick Mnemonic Silverhand discovering that he's put too much information into his brain even WITH using DoubleSpace (tm).

Who else is old enough to remember DoubleSpace? If you are, you are Too Old.

@natecull Old enough to remember that DoubleSpace was a rip-off of Stacker after Microsoft considered acquiring Stac but satisfied themselves with just reading the source code and then pulling out of the deal.

@natecull I remember the very odd situation where Doom would take some time to load, but after using Stacker (or DoubleSpace I forget which), it loaded practically instantly.

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