What sci-fi prediction are you very confident about in the next 50 years?

That is, if you brought up the idea today, people would say it's sci-fi, but you have high confidence it will become a reality.



I'm going to say that serious ESP study is *way* overdue a comeback. There will be growing pressure from documented high strangeness research to eventually just suck it up, admit that crazy mind-over-matter stuff is real, and go with a fully idealist cosmology like we were starting to see emerge in the 1860s, 1920s and 1970s, but which failed to solidfy.

That shift will be bitterly opposed, because it will bring a bunch of new psychological dangers, but it must happen or science ends.

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@natecull @urusan We went to the moon and soon Mars without it. Why would science end without ESP research?

If it became apparent that some previously unknown mechanism of information and energy exchange existed, we'd investigate it.
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