A rather insightful comment on Hacker News (yes they do exist)

<< Google, somehow, strikes me as this vision of humanity... It simply lumbers forward, doing its thing. It is to be modeled as a threat not because it is malign, but because it doesn't notice you *exist* as it takes another step forward. Threat modeling Lovecraft-style: entities that are alien and unlikely to single you out in particular, it's just what they *do* is a problem. >>

@natecull I wouldn't be so charitable. Lots of bad behavior from Google clearly stems from the extreme tech-broism culture they promoted in their management. The amplification of the individual solipsistic drive to meaningless KPIs of hundreds upon hundreds of middle managers is what gives it the lovecraftian aura.

@natecull Remember when all the nerds wanted nothing more than to work at Google, and merely getting an interview there granted some serious bragging rights?

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