In related news:

<< Washington (CNN) US investigators have recovered millions in cryptocurrency they say was paid in ransom to hackers whose attack prompted the shutdown of the key East Coast pipeline last month, the Justice Department announced Monday. .. Specifically, the Justice Department said it seized approximately $2.3 million in Bitcoins paid to individuals in a criminal hacking group known as DarkSide. >>

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Also probably unrelated news:

<< .. a global law enforcement operation yielded mass raids and arrests using intelligence from a compromised encrypted communications app relied on by senior underworld figures.

The ambitious operation used An0m – an encrypted service developed as a rival to the Ciphr network also favoured by criminals worldwide – to covertly monitor a vast trove of communications about the global drug trade and other illegal activities. >>


<< From 2018, the FBI was covertly in control of An0m and Australian police introduced the technical ability to decrypt communications on the platform and monitor them for years. The surveillance yielded enormously valuable intelligence for years before the platform was completely shut down on Tuesday. >>

Didn't we just have something like this a week or two back? Or was that another one?


<< Worldwide, 9000 law enforcement officials were involved in co-ordinated operations linked to the penetration of An0m.

Orchestrated by the FBI, An0m launched a few years ago and recently grew in popularity as an alternative to the Ciphr encrypted network, which has reportedly lost users because of fears among criminals it has also been compromised by authorities. >>

I guess I'm just too paranoid to have ever imagined that law enforcement *wouldn't* make their own crypto honeypots.


The real buried lede on this story is that The Fast & The Furious really is a pretty accurate portrayal of what global criminals look like.


Also: filed under 'Yikes!'

<< A classified federal law enforcement intelligence operation code-named Project Brunello has determined that a “significant” number of Qantas staff – up to 150 – are linked to criminality. The operation describes suspected wrongdoing that is “serious and represents a very high threat to the Australian border”. >>

That's not... good.


<< Individuals identified include a Hells Angels-linked figure in the Northern Territory who is working as a Qantas contractor. He is the subject of intelligence indicating he previously infiltrated Defence Department flights that were subcontracted to Qantas. A Qantas freight contractor in Perth was also found by Brunello to have been repeatedly “using his trusted insider status” to make large drug deliveries. >>


<< Brunello assessed that former Qantas baggage handler turned wealthy Sydney racing identity Damion Flower, who pleaded guilty in May to importing $68.5 million worth of cocaine, had actually imported $1 billion worth of cocaine via Qantas and a corrupt Qantas baggage handler, who has also since been jailed. >>


<< The Qantas departments at the highest risk were its air freight division and ground crew and baggage handling divisions. Almost 60 Qantas staff were linked to “serious drug offences” or “organised crime groups”. Twenty-three Qantas employees have “used employment in the aviation environment to facilitate various criminal activities”. >>


Oh, here's the rest of the context on the original story:

<< An0m and Ciphr followed Phantom Secure, a pioneering network that used specially modified phones and was used enthusiastically by organised crime. It was shut down in 2018.

European media also reported in March that another secure platform used by criminals, Sky ECC, had been compromised by law enforcement. >>



OMG it wasn't Elon, it was Trump!

Trump said something sensible.

<< “Bitcoin, it just seems like a scam,” Mr Trump said.

“I don’t like it because it’s another currency competing against the dollar,” Mr Trump continued. “I want the dollar to be the currency of the world.” >>

I am scared and all my values are now confused.




just how

aren't they his very good people

omg is Anonymous gonna attack Trump now

is QAnon gonna

what even is happening anymore


In conclusion, how about we revive Keynes' "bancor" proposal, which without reading the wiki article I'm pretty confident from my extensive prior research would have involved an international Bank run by Rancors, on Tattooine.



Escalating ransomware to Anti-Terrorism status hath its rewards. :)

re: Crypto 

@natecull I mean, he's right, but for all the wrong reasons 🙂

It's a scam, definitely. But everything else he said is not correct. It's not a currency, it's not competing with USD, USD should most definitely not be a world currency.


@natecull QAnon can eaaily justify it as trump participating in the bust, which probably was also part of the underground pizza network

@natecull @clacke I'd say this is expected, just as I expect that Microsoft and Google face constant infiltration attempts by criminal elements and spy agencies.

If you wanted to smuggle something (or someone) into or out of an island nation, using an airline is probably easier than rowing a boat in the ocean at midnight.

Quantas and the government just need to purge and prosecute.
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