Somehow we've built personal interactive computers that, in 2021, in daily use, regularly get into states where they take upwards of a minute to react to keystrokes and mouse clicks, and we've convinced ourselves that this situation is either perfectly normal or entirely the user's fault.

Well, you see, you were *browsing a web page* on your multi-window, multi-processing supercomputer with gigabytes of RAM.

You just can't expect to just browse a web page and ALSO be able to click the volume control and have it come up within five seconds! That kind of bizarre abuse is just beyond the capabilities of any machine, isn't it.


Why does Firefox 90 consume a minimim of 482 megabytes of RAM on starting up when I have only one tab open and that's a locally downloaded 1.6 MB PDF?

Why is this normal?

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Can I go back to Firefox 45 if that would use only 250 MB of RAM to render a 1.6 MB PDF?

Also, how the HECK is Edge sending me constant popup notifications for a website that I don't even have running because I don't even have Edge running....????

Ok time to install SumatraPDF. 8.9 MB RAM for that PDF. That's more sensible.

For shame, Firefox.

@natecull Haha, the normal Windows GUI does not even let you uninstall edge. I once just deleted all Edge program files. Then it was gone for a while. And suddenly Edge was there again. It's magic.

Luckly not on my own laptop.

@natecull strange, my Firefox usually takes quarter or half of it when idle and no page open.

@natecull This is why (contrary to popular belief) Chromium's memory management technique of giving each tab it's own process is the best for computers with little memory.

@natecull Though Firefox is better if you want to open a LOT of tabs. It's a tradeoff.

@Linux_in_a_Bit @natecull if only both Chromium and Firefox were capable of running within a 32 bit address space without tabs regularly crashing

@millihertz @natecull Yeah... I have yet to test things like GNOME Web. That might work slightly better

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