Have you considered the Use Case where the User is angry with you, doesn't like you, doesn't like your Product (tm), thinks your entire socio-economic class are measurably making everything worse and accelerating a global slide into fascism, genocide and extinction, and is only sullenly interacting with your Product (tm) at the cracking point of the harsh whip of capitalism because they will lose the ability to eat if they do not

because you might find that's quite a large class of users

@natecull I believe this market segment is called Enterprise Software.

@natecull they know and don't mind as long as they can continue to extract value from your begrudged use of their product to sell to advertisers.
@natecull Yes, Communist are retarded, but theyre also very unsuccessful. So be greatful.

AS A wage-earning employee
I WANT TO spend time with my friends and family, explore and expand my creative impulses, help me neighbors and society, but I cannot because capitalism threatens to kill me if I do, so I am compelled instead to use your awful product
SO THAT I enrich the already wealthy owners of my company in the hopes of receiving a fraction of the value I create with my labor as a wage, just enough to keep me alive and docile but never enough to empower or liberate me.

@davidak @natecull couldn't agree more, I'm in the final phases of starting one ✌🏽

@natecull What improvements to the user interface are recommended to better appeal to that class of users and attract more of them?


Stronger whips are really all that's needed. Maybe a few more articles about the product manager's yacht in CEO Magazine. Some strategic purchases of supermarkets and rental accommodation providers to improve vertical integration and shareholder value.

I mean the users aren't interacting with this kind of Product (tm) because they *want* to be, so it really doesn't matter what *their* opinions are. But the investors, you need to keep them happy.

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